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Timely Ideas founder and chief consultant John Crawford was the featured guest presenter at a recent Caldwell College Business Advisory Council meeting. His presentation, titled Building Capability – From Teams to Teaming provided attendees with insights on the rise of flexible teamwork in global business and why it is becoming the “go to” practice for getting things done. The interactive discussion offered context on factors fueling this shift while delving into several related topics, including: Why the future of Talent is T-Shaped; Ingredients for Teamwork-on-the-Fly; and the implications for organizations, individuals and students. Throughout, Crawford used examples from real world consulting experiences to color key points and bring the concepts to life. “Working productively in teams is essential in today’s global business environment,” said Professor Bernard C. O’Rourke, associate dean, division of business at Caldwell College and chair of the Caldwell College Business Advisory Council. “Flexible teamwork is a new approach we can all benefit from learning more about and putting into practice.” The session concluded with a lively question and answer segment and summary takeaways for participants to utilize in performing team based work.

About the Business Advisory Council

For 15+ years Caldwell College’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) has served as a bridge between the local business community, Caldwell College and its business programs. Comprised of business executives from wide ranging industries throughout Essex County, business faculty members, senior administrators and student leaders, the BAC provides an active forum for sharing best practices, mentorship and internships for students, showcasing research and scholarship, and related learning activities.