What's New

Timely Ideas new website is now live! The new site has been completely redesigned to include improved functionality, streamlined content and social features that reflect the current state of the digital workplace and better convey the focus of its independent management consulting practice. The result is a highly visual, interactive web presence that provides a richer user experience.

“We’re very excited about our new web site and its enhanced capabilities,” said John Crawford, Founder and Chief Idea Officer of Timely Ideas. “Users can easily find the content, resources and consulting they’re looking for and stay connected to our latest perspectives.”

The site was built by Alliance Design, Inc., a long time strategic partner of Timely Ideas. By design, the new structure incorporates compelling visual imagery, streamlined content and enhanced interactivity – including social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – to offer more avenues for engagement.

“The social features will help us stay connected with our constituents,” said Crawford, “We’re looking forward to using these tools to share our point of view and being part of the ongoing conversations.”

Professional communicators are increasingly playing expanded roles in driving worker engagement and orchestrating targeted outcomes within organizations. Companies are turning to new methods to mobilize workers and employing digital tools to do this.